Here's A Closer Look At Apple's New 13-Inch MacBook Pro With Retina Display

retina macbook pro

Photo: Apple

Apple has expanded its line of MacBook Pros such that the 13-inch model now includes a Retina display.Already one of the best-selling form factors offered by the company, this ought to make the computer even more appealing.

Here's the 13-inch MacBook next to its 15-inch big brother

The Retina Display means the images will be almost twice the resolution of an HDTV

It's only .75 inches thick

And it's one of the lightest MacBooks Apple's ever introduced

A profile comparison of the 13- and 15-inch models

Bringing the Retina display to the 13-inch MacBook Pro is only going to make it more appealing

Apple also introduced the iPad Mini today

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