13 Execs Are Listed In 'Creative Credits' For That Oreo Super Bowl Tweet

The tweet heard ’round the world — Oreo’s “Power out? No problem” tweet when the lights went off at the Super Bowl earlier this year — won a Bronze Clio award for innovative media: And the “creative credits” went to 13 different ad execs.

It was certainly a pretty good tweet. Within minutes of the power outage that stopped the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, Oreo, via ad agency 360i, tweeted this:

The tweet was retweeted seemingly endlessly, as distracted viewers turned to Twitter to figure out what was going on. The tweet is widely regarded as a classic case example of always-on, real time social media marketing.

Whether it needed 13 people to write it — and create the little graphic from Oreo’s image asset archive — is another question. Some people (on Twitter) are scoffing. Copywriter Matt O’Rourke says:

oreo tweet


Oreo Tweet

Having said that, one of the reasons Oreo was able to take such quick advantage of the news was because the company had a team in place that had been working on Oreo’s Twitter account for 18 months prior.

16,000 retweets later and the rest is history. For posterity, here are the Oreo tweeters for whom merely being nominated was an honour:


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