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13 brilliant quotes from eccentric billionaire Elon Musk

When Elon Musk appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” he couldn’t answer if he was a superhero or a super villain. 

Answering that he’d like to nuke Mars to make it warmer and more hospitable to humans wasn’t a great answer to convince Colbert that he was on the superhero side.

Here’s a selection of Musk’s craziest quotes and his futuristic dreams.

On how to warm Mars up to make it hospitable for humans: 'The fast way is to drop thermonuclear weapons over the poles.'

On why Tesla's office needs a roller coaster: 'Everybody around here has slides in their lobbies. I'm actually wondering about putting in a roller coaster -- like a functional roller coaster at the factory in Fremont. You'd get in, and it would take you around (the) factory but also up and down. Who else has a roller coaster? … It would probably be really expensive, but I like the idea of it.'

Asa Mathat | D: All Things Digital

On how he'd rather die: 'I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact.'


On why they don't have patents: 'We have essentially no patents in SpaceX. Our primary long-term competition is in China -- if we published patents, it would be farcical, because the Chinese would just use them as a recipe book.'

Bill Pugliano / Getty

Bonus: It should be noted that this crazy idea from Elon Musk is becoming a reality. Meet the Hyperloop: 'Short of figuring out real teleportation, which would of course be awesome (someone please do this), the only option for super fast travel is to build a tube over or under the ground that contains a special environment.'

Tesla Motors/Screenshot

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