13 Things Everyone Does At Work That They Don't Want Bosses To Know About

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It’s hard to put in 8+ hours each day of straight work.  People break up it up by talking to coworkers, checking Facebook, taking long lunches, and instant messaging friends.We scoured the web for the biggest work time-wasters and employee fibs.

Some activities are pretty normal, like frequently checking email.  Others, like watching and downloading porn, happen so frequently it’s shocking.

73% say they waste time at work -- at least one hour per day.

Source: Salary.com 2008 survey

They waste time by surfing the web (48%), talking with coworkers (33%), taking care of personal agendas and calls (49%), and taking long lunches (15%)

Source: Salary.com 2008 survey

But a lot of time is also wasted on menial work tasks, like fixing coworkers' mistakes (54%), dealing with office politics (47%), waiting on colleagues (42%), getting dragged to meetings (42%), and doing administrative work (33%)

Source: Salary.com 2008 survey and Fonality 2011 survey via Inc.com

Checking email wastes 50% of the work day

Source: Fonality 2011 survey via Inc.com

Employees do their hardest work between 9 AM and 12 PM. After that, it's all down hill.

Source: Get More Done 2011 Research

They're in the bathroom checking Facebook: 54% of women and 46% of men do this. 77% of employees who have access to Facebook from work check it daily.

Weirdly, a lot of people watch porn at work. A Nielsen study found 27% watch adult content in the office, and that most porn is downloaded during work hours (9-5).

Source: 24/7 Wallstreet

When people aren't at their desks, there's a good chance they're getting more coffee. The average worker drinks 3 cups per day.

One in three people come to work with hangovers. 15% say they've been drunk at work too.

Most people abuse sick days. One firm found 57 per cent of U.S. employees call in sick when they're really not.

Source: Businessweek

More than 50% of people lie on their resumes

Source: Steven Levitt, coauthor of Freakonomics via Monster.com

When young employees stay late, it's usually because coworkers expect them to, not because they're still doing work.

Source: NPR interview with Peter Cappelli, a UPenn Wharton management professor

People shop a lot at their desks. More than 14 work hours are spent shopping online during holidays.

Source: 24/7 Wallstreet

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