13 classic video games you can play right now in your web browser

Archive.org is an incredible resource that has saved countless pieces of media from being lost to time.

Essentially a library of the old internet, the website has made wide collections of art, movies, and music available to anyone with access to a computer and internet connection.

Last year, over 2,400 old-school games were added to the media collection, and they’re all playable right from within your web browser.

Below are some of the most beloved games from an era before the internet, a time before the wide adoption of computers with graphic interfaces.

Sure, the controls are a little clunky, but it beats having to keep track of a floppy disk.

Oregon Trail


One of the first video games that was widely played, Oregon Trail introduced many children in the 20th century to the idea of travelling in the wilderness, and the word dysentery.

Prince Of Persia


A far cry from current entries in the franchise, the original Prince of Persia represents old-school platforming at its finest.

Sim City


One of the first games that essentially let you play God, Sim City gave you the reins to a city. Build it up, destroy it -- the choice is yours.

Super Street Fighter II


The fourth instalment in the Street Fighter II series -- yes, there were enough versions to constitute it as a series -- Super Street Fighter II was packed with additional content including more fighters than the original.

Ms. Pac-Man


Way more technically advanced when compared to the original, Ms.Pac-Man has completely random ghost paths which require fast reflexes to outsmart.



Tetris was the killer app for the original Game Boy, but players had spent a number of years breaking bricks at home before that.

Maniac Mansion


One of the classic Lucasfilm adventure games, Ron Gilbert's masterpiece is brutally hard by today's standards, but well worth playing.

Donkey Kong


The first game to feature Mario -- err, 'Jump Man' -- Donkey Kong was an arcade classic and it's no wonder why it was eventually ported to DOS in 1983.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Making the jump from comic to cartoon to video games, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made its game debut here, although it infamously has an impossible jump in this version.

Bubble Bobble


Shoot enemies, collect fruit and diamonds, and pop bubbles in this classic puzzle game.



Grab an axe, staff, or sword and cut down your foes in Gauntlet, one of the first action RPGS ever released.

Mega Man


Like Donkey Kong, many associate Mega Man with their original Nintendo systems, but almost every title also came out for Windows, or in this case DOS.

Ultima IV


If RPGs are your thing, Ultima VI will provide hours of entertainment, provided you keep your browser window open long enough to complete it.

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