13 Reasons You Should Sell Your House Now Before It's Too Late

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Last quarter we posted 12 Charts You MUST See Before You Even Think About Buying A Home.

Contrarian mortgage broker and editor of newobservations.net, Michael David White has given us the latest picture on these scary charts. The housing market is more precarious than ever. That’s why you should rent, not buy. And if you’re thinking about selling, don’t wait another day.

Here are the scary charts >

Yes, home affordability has improved a lot, but...

Inventory is still very high

Housing supply is picking back up

Delinquent mortgages are high... and could lead to a huge property influx

There's still a huge mortgage mess

Underwater mortgages are the 10-ton gorilla

15% of borrowers are 30‐days late or worse. The cure rate at 60‐days late is almost zero.

History says property value will fall through 2012

We assume prices will return to the 100-year FLATLINE

Based on four major indexes, prices have another 17% to fall

Housing bubbles were greater abroad... and have further to fall

Rates WILL rise... and then real estate demand will fall

Considering massive government intervention, unit sales are frighteningly low

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