13 Brands That Shamelessly Tweeted About Shark Week

Wendy's shark week twitterTwitter @WendysWendy’s Shark Week effort.

“Shark Week” might be over, but many brands — and not just The Discovery Channel — took advantage of the celebrated TV phenomenon.

It’s almost impossible for a socially active company to resist piggybacking onto any news event’s buzz. Just look at what happened when the royal baby was born.

Here are the good, the bad, and the corny ways advertisers tried to turn “Shark Week” into a brand-relevant social event. Shockingly, Oreo didn’t get in on the fun.


VW wasn’t jumping on a bandwagon — the car company was a major “Shark Week” sponsor. It even turned a VW Beetle convertible into an underwater shark cage. Here’s what Volkswagen tweeted:


Airbus drew shark teeth on its aircraft to celebrate:


The blood-stain remover bought this promoted tweet:

The Weather Channel

This promoted tweet explains how Sharknados might happen:


Owned by Volkwagen Group, Audi got in the action too:


A shark fin does look suspiciously like a Doritos chip:



We don’t suggest doing this with your laptop:


Even the fine art world can’t stay away:



The burger bites back:


Making everyone’s childhood dream come true:

Red Bull

Could have tried harder:

Did you have a favourite?

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