12-year-old girl allegedly attempts to poison her mum with bleach after she took away her iPhone

A 12-year-old girl allegedly tried to poison her mother twice after the mother took away the pre-teen’s iPhone.

Now, the daughter of the victim has been detained in Boulder, Colorado, BuzzFeed’s Ali Vingiano reports.

“On both attempts the girl used bleach,” a statement from the Sheriff’s Office reads. The 12-year-old allegedly planned to kill her mother by sneaking the substance into her coffee and smoothies.

When her mother took notice of the odor in her water glass for the second time, she confronted the young girl. Police say that’s when she told her mother she was planning to murder her for taking away her phone.

Here’s the full statement:

On March 6, 2015, deputies of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to Boulder Community Hospital to investigate an assault. Subsequent investigation has developed evidence that a 12-year-old Boulder County girl attempted to kill her mother on two separate occasions.

On both attempts the girl used bleach. The first attempt on March 2, 2015 left her mother feeling ill after her daughter placed bleach into a breakfast smoothie she made. Mum noticed an odor of bleach in the drink and thought her daughter had cleaned the glass prior to making the beverage and did not rinse all the bleach out. Later in the week the girl poured bleach into a water carafe her mother kept in the bedroom. On the second occasion Mum noticed the odor of bleach in her water and confronted her daughter. This is when she learned her daughter had developed the plan to kill her for taking away her iPhone.

The juvenile was detained today at the Boulder County Juvenile Center.

The Sherrif’s office says the mother is currently in good health and out of the hospital and that the case is still being investigated.

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