12 Weird And Cool iPad Modifications

ipad skateboard

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Sure, your new iPad can run apps and help you manage your daily life, but did you know it can also walk around like a robot or even be a terrible skateboard?We rounded up some of the weirdest and most interesting ways people have modded their iPads to get new and quirky functionality out of them.

If you're feeling steampunk, you can operate your iPad via a typewriter.

Play old-school Atari games with the iCade!

If you're more of a DIY-er, you can make your own iCade.

Pay homage to the iPad's roots by putting it in an old Apple computer body.

This seems like a natural fit -- the iPad display mounted to the original iMac's swinging arm.

Another retro installation -- putting the iPad inside of an old iBook laptop.

Turning your iPad into a walking robot seems pointless but fun.

This is a nice car mount that looks like a factory installation.

Why not turn your iPad into a skateboard?

This iPad is attached to a motorcycle with nothing more than Velcro.

With an iPad connected to some effects pedals, it becomes a weird guitar of sorts

Not sure which apps to use on your new iPad?

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