12 Tips On Becoming A Better Negotiator


I hate negotiating, mostly because a negotiation often feels confrontational and I tend to shy away from confrontations.

But negotiating is a fact of business life, so here are some ways to make your negotiations less painful, more fun — and most importantly, more successful.

1. Go First

2. Be quiet

3. Know what you want

You should always know what you need -- and what you're willing to spend or pay. If you don't have a clue about the cost of a particular service, don't expect the other party to educate you; that puts even the most ethical person in an awkward position. At the least have a sense of the market price for the product or service you want to purchase. Then you can adjust your offer based on the quality and quantity you will actually receive.

This post originally appeared on BNET.

4. Assume the best case

High expectations typically lead to high outcomes. Ask for what you want, and go into the negotiation assuming you'll get it. Why not? You can't receive if you don't ask. My wife is the eternal negotiation optimist; she always assumes she can make a deal on her terms. And she almost always does -- because she confidently asks for what she wants.

This post originally appeared on BNET.

5. Avoid setting ranges

6. Only make concessions for a reason

7. Never be Harry Truman

8. Make time your friend

Never, ever rush. Never see a negotiation as something to wrap up as soon as possible. A negotiation is an investment in time, and most people don't want to lose their investments, so the more time the other person has in a deal the more they'll want to close the deal -- and the more they will voluntarily give up in order to get you to say yes.

This post originally appeared on BNET.

9. Ignore face value

10. Give the other person room

People get defensive or attack when they feel trapped, and neither helps a negotiation move forward. Push too hard and take away every option and the other party may have no choice but to walk away. You don't want that, because you should…

This post originally appeared on BNET.

11. Forget about winning and losing

Negotiating can feel like a game but it's not. No one should win or lose. The best negotiations leave both parties feeling they received something of value. That's how you want a negotiation to end up, because a negotiation should…

This post originally appeared on BNET.

12. Create a relationship

Take, but don't take too much. Give, but don't give too much. Establishing a long-term business relationship should always be your goal.

And when you've finalised the deal, say thanks -- and mean it.

This post originally appeared on BNET.

To negotiate, you've got to be on top of your game

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