12 things the iPhone 7 will need to become the world's best smartphone

Apple’s big day is nigh, with the launch of the iPhone 7 due at 3am Thursday, AEST.

A lot has been said about how it’s likely to be a “boring” release, coming on the downside of Apple’s “tick tock” cycle. More of a refinement on the iPhone 6S than a new model.

It’s unlikely Apple CEO Tim Cook feels Thursday’s reveal is some kind of halfway point to bigger things. Apple, by its standards, hasn’t had a great year – which in real life means its had the kind of year other tech companies might only kidnap for, as opposed to kill.

It’s still crushing it on revenue, but iPhone, iPad and Mac sales are all now slowly but surely dropping.

A study this week found that the SE, 6, 6S and 6S Plus were the four worst phones for voice services when the devices are held in the user’s left hand, and not much better when held in the right.

They’re not totally waterproof. They don’t support wireless charging. It’s likely the iPhone 7 will do away with the headphone jack.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 does all these things, has a much better reception and, according to Tech Insider’s Steve Kovach, is the smartphone that finally shows how Samsung has out-designed Apple. (Exploding battery issues aside.)

So can Apple afford to go another year without once again taking a few design leads? Not according to a Quartz survey which suggests that only about 10% of iPhone owning adults are planning to buy a new iPhone this year if it isn’t redesigned.

So with less than 48 hours before the iPhone 7 reveal, the people at Finder have pulled together a smart infographic of all the things the iPhone 7 will need to hold the competition at bay for another 12 months.

And it’s quite a list:

Image courtesy finder.com.au

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