12 stunning pieces of jewelry you won't believe were made with a 3D printer

ShapewaysshapewaysThis ‘Guilloche’ necklace is both strong and flexible

3-D printers are known from printing everything from spare car parts to burritos.

Now the tools are being used to create stunning works of art and jewelry.

Shapeways has an abundance of 3D jewelry for sale on its site. Many pieces are printed in high-quality materials such as 14 karat gold and platinum.

This solid Platinum hand-polished ring retails for $3,500

These $60 bracelets are printed from white nylon and are polished to reveal a smooth matte finish

This $30 ring wraps your finger in textured 24k gold

These $55 white 'Guilloche' plastic necklaces are guaranteed to make a statement

These twisted plastic earrings are lightweight enough that they won't pull your earlobe down

These interlocking cubes were also 3-D printed in white nylon plastic are only $25

This twirly ring can be printed to size and also retails for $25

This $65 brass octopus ring is hand-polished to a fine sheen

These $24 whimsical earrings feature four figures and two umbrellas

This organic bronze ring resembles rose gold and retails for $37.49

These textured ball necklaces add a pop of colour to any collar line for $77 each

This loopy necklace is available in an array of bright colours for $42

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