12 online services that make it really easy to dress like a modern gentleman

ServicestumbCombatant GentA suit jacket from Combatant Gentleman.

The modern gentleman is too busy to shop, but he still wants to look his best.

Luckily, the e-commerce boom has reached men’s clothing with a wide number of services catered to how men like to shop — not very often.

From subscription services like Trunk Club to a traditional e-tailer that simplifies the online shopping experience, these services can help you step up your style game without spending a lot of time.

Indochino brings custom suit making to everyone.

No tailor required, you just pick out your fabrics, measure yourself according to the site's easy-t0-follow instructions, and they will mail you a relatively high quality suit without any of the fuss usually required.

Indochino's prices are reasonable for the quality offered.

An alternative to Indochino, Black Label also offers custom suit making.

Simply select your fabric, customise your garment with the pattern, pockets, and design you want, then take your measurements, and Black Label will mail you your suit.

Blank Label will custom-make anything you want, from shirts to suits, to your personal fit profile.

This obviously includes telling Blank Label your measurements, but also it asks things like: 'What bothers you about the fit of typical off-the-rack shirts, and how would you like us to make your personal fit?'

Trunk Club is the subscription service that started it all.

Now owned by traditional retailer Nordstrom, it still offers the same service as always.

You sign up and chat with your stylist. After you review their picks, they're sent to you so you can try them on. You have 10 days to try them on, you're charged for what you keep and everything you don't want is sent back to Trunk Club.

Shipping is free both ways, but keep in mind the items they choose are never cheap. Recommended for those with deep pockets.

Bombfell uses a very similar model to Trunk Club.

When you sign up, you tell Bombfell your sizes and style preferences. A stylist will then pick out clothes for you according what you tell them ('two pairs of jeans and a button up'), which you can review 48 hours before it ships.

Then, you get 10 days to try on the clothing and decide what to keep.

The major difference? You set the budget for what you want to spend.

(Bombfell is short for 'bomb fellow' -- a male bombshell, apparently.)

Frank & Oak's Hunt Club is a bit like Trunk Club, but only for F&O clothing.

You pay $US30 a year for a membership to the Club, which allows you to pick five items a month, pay for only what you want to keep, and return everything else. You get four per cent back in credit for every purchase, and free shipping both ways.

It also now comes with an advising service, so you can get some advice of what to choose before you take the impermanent plunge.

Birchbox Man's subscription is $20 a month for a box full of goodies

The Birchbox comes with numerous grooming products, as well as one accessory or gadget.

As a member, you also get access and discounts at the Birchbox shop, so you can buy more of what you know you already like.

Sprezzabox is a bit like Birchbox, but the quantity of the items is reversed.

It delivers to your door for $US28 dollars a month (other plans available) a box of mainly accessories, with only one grooming product.

Sprezzabox claims that they will fill your box with trendy and season-appropriate items.

Shirtcycle is a startup that promises perfectly measured custom shirts.

You pick a shirt from off-the-rack styles and are then sent a shirt to verify correct fit. If it doesn't fit perfectly, you send it back for free to get it altered.

Once you have your correct size and measurements, you get to pick style and fabric for your first 'shirt box' of three shirts.

Going forward, Shirtcycle will offer you three shirts they think you might like, which you can then accept, swap, or skip.

A Wall Street favourite, Combatant Gentleman offers affordable dress clothing for everyone.

Their sizing is exact, and their prices are so cheap, some Wall Streeters even buy Combatant Gentleman shirts in bulk to avoid dry cleaning.

Stantt is a mail-order shop that does away with the traditional small/medium/large size dichotomy.

Instead, Stantt uses 75 different sizes based on an algorithm using 200,000 measurements and millions of data points from 3D body scans.

Basically, they have got sizing your next shirt down to a science.

Manpacks is another subscription service, but this time for whatever a guy needs

Be that underwear, shirts, shaving oil, or even condoms.

You pick five items, and they're sent to you immediately. The prices are about retail, plus shipping. You will then be sent a reminder in three months to pick out a new pack.

The idea behind Manpacks is that, while it won't save you money, it serves as a convenience, as everything the site sells has already been curated and tested.

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