12 Ridiculous iPhone Cases That Shouldn't Be Real

booty call

Photo: FredFlare

There are some pretty outrageous cases available for your iPhone.We’ve rounded up the weirdest of the weird here.

Happy browsing.


Have you always wished your iPhone could double as brass knuckles? You're in luck!

The Knucklecase ($99) makes your handy mobile device into an equally handy self-defence weapon.

The Revolver case

This is a homebrew iPhone case made with a 3D printer. It's obviously non-functional, but we still wouldn't try to bring it on an aeroplane.

The Android case

It's ironic. Get it?

The Skate Deck case

Your iPhone can now double as a broken skateboard.

The Hand iPhone case

Do you get lonely easily?

Holding a disembodied hand for comfort is just a creepy iPhone case away.

The floating head case

This is strictly a concept design, but the concept makes it just about impossible to carry your phone in your pocket

The Retro 80's case

If you pine for the technology of yesteryear, pop your phone into this case and be immediately transported to an era of giant mobile phones. It's just $17.49 on Amazon.

The case that lets you write on it

The iFoolish case ($24.95) lets you draw all over the back of your iPhone. It even includes its own pen.

The Booty Call case

Just...come on...

Wozniak in Carbonite!

Why is Steve Wozniak frozen in Carbonite? And why is it an iPhone case? Either way, it'll set you back $35.

The iBottleOpener

For the technology lover who needs to be able to open a bottle at a moment's notice, there's the iBottleOpener ($19.95). We still think it's silly, but it bears mentioning that no app can open a bottle for you.

Apple bumpers

These rubber strips sold for $29. We can't abide that. Apple did give the bumpers away as recompense for antenna trouble with the iPhone 4, but now you have to pay for them again.

Want more weird accessories?

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