The 12 Most Unusual Job Applications Hiring Managers Have Ever Seen

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We know recruiters don’t spend a lot of time examining your resume, so any creative juices used will likely play to your advantage.  “It’s a highly competitive job market and you have to clearly demonstrate how your unique skills and experience are relevant and beneficial to that particular employer,” Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder, said in a recently released study.

“We see more people using infographics, QR codes and visual resumes to package their information in new and interesting ways.”

Many applicants are even strategically placing keywords in their resumes to get through screening databases used by larger companies. 

Whatever your method is, being creative and unique are always positive traits to possess, but being too bizarre will help you be memorable, however, not hireable.

In the study, 2,298 hiring managers nationwide shared the 12 most memorable and outrageous job applications that they’ve ever seen:

  1. Candidate called himself a genius and invited the hiring manager to interview him at his apartment.
  2. Candidate’s cover letter talked about her family being in the mob.
  3. Candidate applying for a management job listed “gator hunting” as a skill.
  4. Candidate’s resume included phishing as a hobby. 
  5. Candidate specified that her resume was set up to be sung to the tune of “The Brady Bunch.”
  6. Candidate highlighted the fact that he was “Homecoming Prom Prince” in 1984.
  7. Candidate claimed to be able to speak “Antartican” when applying for a job to work inAntarctica.
  8. Candidate’s resume had a photo of the applicant reclining in a hammock under the headline “Hi, I’m _____ and I’m looking for a job.”
  9. Candidate’s resume was decorated with pink rabbits.
  10. Candidate listed “to make dough” as the objective on the resume.
  11. Candidate applying for an accounting job said he was “detail-oriented” and spelled the company’s name incorrectly.
  12. Candidate’s cover letter contained “LOL.”

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