12 Key Charts That Show What's Happening To Global Markets


Based on the overnight global markets and the futures, the market looks set for another rocky day, though for all we know the Dow will end up triple digits.

So before you get started for the day, take a look at the following charts to get a bigger picture look of what’s been happening in the world markets.

Gold has been breaking to all-time highs, though in recent days it's been selling off, as investors opt for US dollars.

Palladium had been the hottest industrial metal up until a couple of days ago. Since then it's been hammered.

The Thai market has been falling, but not nearly as far as you might expect given the ugly pictures out of Bangkok.

Wal-Mart had been falling, but just yesterday it spiked on flight to safety.

Goldman Sachs has now almost completely roundtripped, though interestin is that its peak was in October.

Citigroup has been hammered. It's not just G

Yuppie grocery chain Whole Foods has been hot, and has hardly fallen at all.

Caterpillar, a major seller of earth-moving machines to the developing world, is finally starting to creak lower.

Copper has been getting crushed, and appears to be in total freefall.

Same with oil.

And the Shanghai composite is the ugliest of all.

The TED spread -- a measure of bank conffidence -- is above 30.

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