12 Weapons Just For Chicks

pink barbie gun

Photo: Mr. Completely

Manly AK-47s just aren’t for everyone.”Girly guns” include any small handgun that’s “often pretty and very concealable,” according to gun site Rezz Guns.

These “pretty” weapons come in all types of feminine colours like pink and gold — basically anything shiny — and often feature child-like designs like Rainbow Brite or My Little Pony.

Of course, we’re not advocating you actually use any of these weapons.

Source: StrapyaWorld

Source: GlamGuns.com

Before Sanrio allegedly threatened the company, TJ's Custom Gun Works concocted this blinged-out, hot pink Sig Sauer P226.

This pink mobile phone is actually a stun gun in disguise. The stungun reportedly has 5.5 million volts of power.

Source: Women On Guard

The Taurus Model 85 is a .38 special single or double revolver with a pink mother of pearl grip.

Source: Budsgunshop.com

Source: GlamGuns.com

The Hello Kitty taser holds 50,000 volts of electricity. It can shoot up to 15 feet and can be used as a direct contact stun device.

Source: Gizmodiva

Source: GlamGuns.com

We're not entirely sure where one would buy this, but the Barbie-15 is the perfect accessory for Ken's main squeeze.

Source: Mr. Completely

This pretty comb actually has a 3.25-inch blade hidden in the handle. Bonus — it comes in three colours: black, pink, and purple.

Source: DivasDefense

For the fashion-conscious gun enthusiast, Machine Guns Vegas created a Louis Vuitton grip for a handgun.

Source: AmmoLand

Designer guns are here to stay. Military grade weapons are now sporting logos for everyone from Prada to Versace.

Source: High Tech Edge

Never fear if you're in the market for something a little more intimidating.

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