12 Facts About Body Language You Should Know Before Your Next Job Interview

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Photo: Vivian Giang / Business Insider

Most of us aren’t aware of our body language, especially when we’re in a stressful situation — but interviewers are trained to read it.Karl Rozemeyer at TheLadders says in a report that involuntary body language can be compared to stage fright for an actor. 

To see how actors effectively communicate with their bodies, Rozemeyer spoke to John Treacy Egan, a Broadway actor, and Jodie Bentley, an acting coach. 

“I think it is important to have body awareness before you go into an interview,” Bentley said. “There are many actions and habits that we should consider doing or avoid doing to tell the right story during the interview setting.”

TheLadders gave us permission to share these 12 body tricks jobseekers should master before stepping into the interviewing room. All of the photos are modelled by Business Insider staffers.

1. Feel good about your wardrobe and wear clothes that 'show you in your best lighting'

2. Hold onto a talisman to comfort yourself

3. Place your feet on the floor

Keep both of your feet on the ground and try not to cross your legs, which Egan said gives off signs that you're unsure of yourself.

4. Sit still or you'll come off as a nervous person

5. Place your hands on your knees

6. Sit a bit forward to show that you're interested and serious about the interview

7. Folding your arms will make you seem unfriendly

8. Playing with your hair or cracking your knuckles can be extremely distracting to your interviewer

9. Putting your hands in your pockets makes you look 'messy'

10. Don't invade the interviewer's space and keep your hands and body parts on your side of the desk

11. Use props to help you look more comfortable

12. Staring will make you look too intense and unnatural

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