12 Bellwether Charts You Must Watch To See If We're Melting Down


The market doesn’t open for over two hours, yet it’s already looking like an uber-volatile day, with futures whipsawing from positive to negative in short spans of time.

Everyone is trying to figure out whether we’re on the verge of something bigger, or if it’s overdone.

So, we’ve collected some key charts to keep your eye on to help you figure it out.

Gold! This has been getting hammered lately, as everyone seeks liquidity. It would be a good sign if it started going back up.

Apple is in the same boat, but more so. It's only getting killed because it's a winner in people's portfolios.

Shanghai is starting to rebound (a little), and it's been a reliable bellwether.

Oil needs to show some signs of life.

Goldman actually outperformed the market yesterday after leading us to the downside in previous sessions.

Citigroup has lost a lot of value lately on general worries about banking.

French bank BNP Paribas is a good little proxy for banking worries in Europe.

Watch LIBOR rates, which have been steadily ramping up. Would be nice to see that stop.

The world's biggest miner just looks horrible. When the bleeding stops there, it will be a good sign.

Of course, the Australian dollar chart looks almost exactly the same.

The ultimate flight to safety, 30-year Treasuries, breaking out.

Note the chart of the Japanese Yen looks almost identical.

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