12 elite British soldiers are hiding in this photo — can you spot them?

British army soldiers brunei

The British Army posted this remarkable photo of 12 soldiers hiding in vegetation in a Brunei jungle on Facebook.

Hidden among the foliage are members of the Household Cavalry, one of the British Army’s most elite units, who are stationed in Brunei while it carries out its Close Target Reconnaissance training.

“This is what the Household Cavalry Regiment does best,” the British Army wrote alongside the image.

“The intelligence gathered by this complex, deadly art will determine the British Army’s success in battle.

“The Cavalry are honing vital skills in the Brunei Jungle that could ultimately save lives on future operations.”

The Household Cavalry dates back to 1660 and is the oldest regiment in Britain’s armed forces — it’s also the public face of Britain’s armed forces and marches in ceremonies including the Changing of the Guard and Remembrance Sunday.

Prince Harry, Prince William, and singer James Blunt have all been members of the regiment in the past.

If you struggled to spot all 12 soldiers, you can see where they’re hidden below:

Soldiers brunei british army

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