12 Awesome Coca-Cola Products You've Never Heard Of

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Photo: RandomlyDeranged/YouTube

The Coca-Cola Company sells more than 3,500 products in more than 200 countries worldwide, and raked in more than $45 billion in revenue last year.With numbers like that, it’s no wonder Coca-Cola sells more than just Coke and Minute Maid.

We scoured the company’s website to find some of its more interesting international products that we can’t get here in the U.S.

Mare Rosso is a nonalcoholic bitter soft drink available in Spain.

Roemerquelle a mineral water-based soft drink sold in Austria.

Love Body tea is made with red oolong tea and contains dietary fibre. It's sold in Japan.

Cappy fruit juices and fruit-flavored soft drinks come in come in more than 30 flavours and are sold mainly in Europe.

Minute Maid Fruit Solutions can be found in Canada and are 100 per cent fruit blends with no sugar added.

Sold only in Brazil, Kuat was created to appeal to local guarana drinkers. The soda comes in guarana and guarana orange flavours.

Kinley, carbonated water that's sold in many varieties including bitter lemon and tonic, is sold in India, Bulgaria, and Israel, among others.

La Vuelta, a Yerba Mate drink is a hit in countries such as Argentina and Mexico.

Now for another company that's taking over the world...

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