$110,000 Cash Sitting In The Back Of A Taxi, What Would You Do?

Australia’s 100 dollar note

Bundles of cash in the back of your taxi.

You have a vague idea when the money was left but you don’t who left it and how to contact them.

What do you do?

Melbourne taxi driver Lakhwinder Singh Dhillon found money in the back of his cab after taking a group of people to the Crown Casino.

He was preparing to call it a night when he heard a call on the radio saying they had someone looking for a bag left either in a taxi or a restaurant.

“I pulled the car over,” says Dhillon. “I saw the bag and I opened it and I saw the bag was full of money.”

He counted the bundles of $100 notes. Eleven. $10,000 in each bundle. $110,000 all up.

He thought: That money doesn’t belong to me and I can’t keep it.

The radio operator said: “Can you take it back?”

Dhillon: “Yes, why not.”

He drove back to Crown Casino where three people, staff from the casino, were waiting.

He told them: “Look, mate. this is a lot of money and I want to give it back to the person who was sitting next to me. At least I will know the face.”

They told him that person was upstairs and had a lot to drink.

The casino staff assured him the people who left the bag, guests from China, would get their money back.

He handed over the bag and they gave him $500.

They said: “This is your prize.”

Listen to this interview with Dhillon on Radio 3AW.

In India, the Australian Sikh is being hailed for his honesty. More coverage here.

Crown Casio is also offering the taxi driver a free night’s accommodation with his partner plus dinner.

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