11 times Mike Baird slayed social media

Mike Baird taking a selfie. Photo: Mike Baird/ Facebook.

Social media savvy Mike Baird has resigned as NSW premier today.

Despite copping heavy criticsm over the past 12 months for Sydney’s lockout laws, and a reversal on a number of decisions including greyhound racing in the state, the former investment banker was one of the good guys. Not to mention he kept us thoroughly entertained with his millennial ways, acting like a digital native in the way he communicated with the public.

We’ve pulled together just a couple of the many examples Baird us to win voters over, which at one stage saw him achieved an 80% approval rating — before his fall from grace.

1. When he read out tweets from his haters Jimmy Kimmel-style.

2. When he used this as his out-of-office email reply:

3. And he had a great response when Sky News suggested “Chris Brown” didn’t like his GST plan.


4. When he threw shade at Victoria on Twitter.


5. His PDAs on Facebook.

6. When he made an emotional appeal about Syria’s refugee crisis after the haunting photo of a drowned Syrian toddler was posted online.

7. When he got his deputy and former treasurer on Facebook and tried to explain social media to her.

8. When live-tweeted The Bachelor finale like a pro.


9. And gave some sage advice to students sitting their HSC exams.

10. Then there was the time he drove a DeLorean to work to mark #BackToTheFutureDay and posted a video of it on Twitter.

11. He even cracked jokes about his government’s terrible anti-marijuana campaign which featured sloths.


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