11 everyday things the iPhone has made obsolete

The first iPhone was released in 2007, and since then, it has changed the way we live. The iPhone, and smartphones in general, have collapsed so many things we use every day into a single little block made of metal and glass.

They have changed our notion of what a “phone” should be. It’s no longer enough to simply make calls, a smartphone has to be an all-purpose mini computer that we can use to direct our lives.

And in the process of making our lives easier, smartphones made many things we used every day obsolete. From alarm clocks to mirrors, here are 11 things that have been replaced by the iPhone.

Paper tickets

More and more places are accepting electronic tickets, from music shows to movie theatres. The biggest kink that still needs to be worked out is that you sometimes have to annoyingly turn up your phone's brightness to get the ticket scanner to register. But never forgetting your ticket is incredibly convenient.

The idea of a phone as a standalone device

Smartphones aren't just phones, they are more like mini computers in our pockets, with the phone functionality an app like any other. And as time goes on, the iPhone has become less of a phone and more of a computer. We listen to music, order dinner, hail a cab, and communicate on social media. Oh, and sometimes we make a phone call.

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