11 Odd Things Las Vegas Has Banned

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Las Vegas lets its visitors get away with a lot. Gambling is legal. Walking down the street drinking a beer is legal. Prostitution is illegal but tolerated. It calls itself Sin City and promises that, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Despite this, there are still some things you can’t do in Vegas. Here are eleven odd things the city has banned over the years.

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#1 Hula-Hoops

#2 Megaphones

#3 Hip-Hop Concerts

#4 Lap Dances

#5 Paris Hilton

Following her 2010 arrest for cocaine possession, the famous-for-being-famous heiress was banned from both of Las Vegas's Wynn Hotels by the owner, Steve Wynn. The controversial billionaire, who also banned Lil Wayne from the same hotels, eventually recanted and allowed Paris to party at his hotel clubs again a few months ago.

Source: Mental_Floss

#6 Feeding the Homeless

That same year, the city council banned feeding homeless people in public parks. This was not limited to someone handing their sandwich to a hungry hobo; it also included mobile food kitchens set up by charities. But the ruling raised the question of just how to determine who was truly homeless and who just looked like they might be. Eventually a federal judge ruled the ban unconstitutional.

Source: Mental_Floss

#7 Feeding Pigeons

#8 Vuvuzelas

#9 House Rentals

Las Vegas is a 24-hour-a-day party, unless you live off the strip. It turns out residents would prefer that visitors keep their partying out of the suburbs. That's why the council voted to ban house rentals of less than 30 days. The limit meant month-to-month residential leases would still be an option, but renting a huge house out for a weekend to party with your friends would all but cease.

And officials are serious about this ban. While it was passed in 2010, the ban was only enforced for the first time last week. The homeowner was fined a whopping $29,000.

Source: Mental_Floss

#10 Pets

#11 Bath Salts

We Get It, Las Vegas Isn't Safe

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