11 Apps That Every Political Junkie Should Have On Their Phone

CongressAPMembers Congress climb the steps of the House of Representatives for final votes, at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, July 31, 2014.

Keeping track of the political landscape is increasingly difficult with the furious pace of the 24-hour news cycle and the increasingly complex web of dark money that drives D.C.

Nevertheless, there is still hope — and it is much closer than you might think.

Business Insider combed the web and found 11 apps that will help to keep you stay on top of the political world and get the most out of your government. Whether you prefer to get your news straight from congressional hearings, want to fact-check your elected officials, or even just find out who your local Representative is, these are the apps to try.


Want to see what your representatives in Washington are actually up to?

Launched in May 2014, Countable uses location technology to link users to their personal representatives. From there, users can see everything their members of Congress are voting on and read quick versions of bills hitting the floor.

Users can even vote on the legislation before their representative does -- in a way. Votes made on the app are delivered to the politician's office and once the bill is voted on, participants can see whether or not their lawmaker supported them on the issue.

Download the app here.


Politifact measures the truthfulness of politicians based on in-house research.

The app, an offshoot of the popular fact checking site Politifact.com, which is produced by the Tampa Bay Times. It features the 'truth index,' a daily tally displaying how honest individual politicians have been in any given day, based on the most recent statements they have made.

There is also a flip-o-meter, which measures the latest policy flip-flops going on in Washington.

Download here.


PollTracker aggregates all publicly available polling data, combines it in a regression analysis, and uses the results to produce averages, in-depth breakdowns, and graphics of the numbers.

During political races, for example, a politician's polling over time can be plotted on a graph alongside their opponent's.

The app, produced by Talking Points Memo Media, entered the spotlight during the 2012 presidential election, when its popularity spiked.

Polltracker also offers analysis from TPM reporters and allows users to receive push notifications for new polling data.

Get the app here.


The ultimate question in Washington: Where does all the money come from?

Dollarocracy, powered by the Center for Responsive Politics, attempts to partially answer that question by following the D.C. cash trail to the source.

The app includes financial profiles for each member of Congress and displays their top donors, industry supporters, and contributions from special interest groups. Users can also see which politicians receive the most money overall and explore broader spending profiles of congressional and senate races.

Download here.


Ever wonder about the political leanings of the people living down the street?

Sitegeist, powered by the Sunlight Foundation, draws on a bank of publicly available, national information to compile accessible statistics about political positions in specific areas.

Using your location, Sitegeist stats display data on the surrounding demographics as well as the voting tendencies and political contributions of your neighbours.

Download the app here.

Robert's Rules of Order: eBook

Robert's Rules of Order is the official guide to parliamentary procedure.

While this is not an app per se, the eBook is available for free on your phone. It's a must read for anyone who is trying to understand what is going on in Congress or running a drug cartel.

Download the eBook here.


This app offers a one stop source for information on each of the 535 members of Congress.

Congress+, produced by the Cohen Research Group, delivers in-depth information on each member of the House and the Senate, including biographical information, contact information, campaign statistics, and more.

Users can also follow legislative activity in real time, tracking any sponsored or co-sponsored bills a representative is supporting. Cohen Research Group also offers more specific versions of this app, such as Texas in Your Pocket, which gives information on the Texas state legislature.

Get the app here.

C-SPAN Radio App

C-SPAN radio opens up the Capitol Building to any American willing to listen.

Users can listen in on any congressional hearing when Congress is in session, allowing them to follow federal lawmakers on subjects like immigration, LGBT rights, and virtually anything else hitting the House and Senate floors.

Download the app here.

The Congressional Record

Every day, the Library of Congress compiles the Congressional Record, which has now been converted into an app.

The Congressional Record contains the complete events of the day on the Hill, including debates, proceedings and information on the status of the latest bills, treaties, and resolutions.

This app gives users access to the full document, as well as the record's full archives. Users can search the database by date, subject, or keyword. The app makes the documents easily sharable, allowing copy and paste functions and an email link.

Download the app here.

Open States

Open States is a state government database which uses location services to identify a user's district representatives and then gives them access to a host of information on the leaders affecting their immediate community.

All state legislative activity is accessible on the app's platform, as well as voting records, committee assignments, campaign finance, and bill sponsorship information.

Often-confusing district boundaries are also drawn out on the app's maps.

Download Open States here.

The White House Official App

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

The White House official app is designed to give you a peek inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It features the White House blog, press briefings, live streams of presidential activity across the country, and the commander-in-chief's official photo and video archives.

Download from the app store here.

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