16 festive winter cocktails perfect for a cosy night in

  • Whether you’re raising a glass at an intimate holiday party or just sitting by the fire with a loved one, these craft cocktails are sure to be a hit.
  • You can easily replicate the recipes for a classic hot toddy, eggnog cocktail, and a spicy, smoky margarita at home with just a few steps.
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The holidays are finally here, making us want to curl up with a hot toddy or a mug of mulled wine by the fireplace.

While cocktails can make for a cosy night in, it’s also never too late to start planning the drinks menu for your intimate holiday soirée or dinner party with those in your bubble.

From chile-infused concoctions to beverages mixed with dashes of cinnamon and wasabi, some of these recipes come straight from top restaurants and bars across America and Mexico — and certainly bring the heat.

Here are 16 cocktails perfect for the fall and winter season.

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