Now There Are 11 Signs That We Won't Have A Double Dip Recession


Photo: PragCap

Last week we noted 9 signs that we were not, in fact, headed for a double dip recession. These included solid economic data coming in on various fronts, from the ISM to jobs to the Baltic Dry Index (shipping) to the rebounding stock market.And we’re getting even more solid data of late, so we’re adding to the encouraging signs.

Let’s tally it up.

August retail data came in higher than expectations.

State tax collections are coming, which indicates an end fo the bloodletting at the local level.

The ISM came in stronger than expected

As Credit Suisse has pointed out, a mid-recovery soft-patch in new orders is actually totally normal.

The Rail Industry, a key predictor of real economic strength, is doing nicely.

The Baltic Dry Index has come surging back

Weekly initial claims have come dipping back down

The Stock Market, a leading indicator, is looking strong again

The Chinese stock market -- which is very much tied to the US -- is also very strong

Existing home sales are so low, they may only have one way to go (up)

Treasuries yields are starting to break out

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