11 really good reasons why your country should have a monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II has now reigned longer than any other British monarch. On Wednesday September 9, she takes over from Queen Victoria in terms of the length of her time on the throne.

To a lot of people who don’t live in monarchies, the practice seems strange and outdated — but the systems have a lot of support where they’re found, and there are actually a lot of good reasons to have a monarchy.

We’ve listed some of them here, and we’ve tried to stick to arguments that have some academic research backing them up.

Take a look.

Harvard historian Eric Nelson recently argued in his book 'The Royalist Revolution' that many of the American founding fathers of the late 18th century were rebelling against parliament, not the crown, describing the revolutionary war as 'an insurrection in favour of royal power.'

The Royal Hashemite Court, Facebook
Abdullah II, King of Jordan.

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