Update: 11% Of Internet Users Are On Twitter?!?


We’ve seen a lot of suggestions, but still no one’s really cracked the nut of how Twitter can make money.

But as the saying goes, there’s got to be a pony in there somewhere. The microblogging service is gaining traction a lot faster than we thought, 11% of online Americans are now using the service.

Up from 6% in May.


Online microblogging services like Twitter, a popular social media tool for many media companies and television networks, are used by 11% of online Americans, according to a research report conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project in December and released today. That’s up from 9% of online Americans using the service in November.

Back in May, Pew reported online microblogging usage at about 6% of online Americans.

Twitter users skew young, with one in five online Americans in the 18-to-24 demo using Twitter. But Pew also said the median age of a Twitter user is 31, compared to 27 for MySpace, 26 for Facebook and 40 for LinkedIn.

The full report isn’t online yet: We called Pew for the raw stats, but the research firm continues to insist the report is under 4pm embargo and threatened to blacklist SAI forever if we reported what’s already live on TVweek.

That’s not how embargoes, or journalism, works. Somehow life for SAI will go on despite the Pew Internet & American Life Project holding a grudge against us.

UPDATE: Full report below.

Multiple commenters expressed they didn’t believe the 11% number, and we were suspicious too. The report — which we just obtained — says “11% use Twitter or update their status online.” We’ve got to assume a number that high includes things like Facebook, but Facebook updates aren’t mentioned in the report, for Pew it’s Twitter Twitter Twitter (and Yammer, whatever that is).

Sloppy work — read it and draw your own conclusions.