Twitter Is Worth $5 Billion To $10 Billion, Says Scoble

  • Twitter is worth $5 billion to $10 billion [Scoble]
  • Lots of IPO filings promise a busy fall [peHUB]
  • Where is Jupiter Communications and Pseudo Programs founder Josh Harris now? [Vallewyag]
  • John Gruber takes the piss out of Dan Lyons [Daring Fireball]
  • Dear Gruber, You’ve been pwned [Fake Steve]
  • Time puts its advertisers’ logos on its Facebook and YouTube pages [PaidContent]
  • Former Yahoo Qi Lu, now at Microsoft, is still chasing Google [NYT]
  • After Microsoft-Yahoo, SEO isn’t just about Google anymore [AdAge]
  • Kara Swisher goes to Guitar Hero HQ [All Things D]
  • How Facebook optimizes [TechCrunch]
  • Jenna Bush joins the Today Show [AP]
  • Esther Dyson on what Yahoo should do [HuffPo]
  • The IRS stalks tax dodgers on Facebook [WSJ]
  • Disney World is empty [Pali Research]
  • Here comes [Pali Research]
  • VH1 can’t beat its ‘celebreality’ addiction [NYT]

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