11 Cheap Ways To Cope With Sydney's Hottest October Day On Record

The mercury is rising fast in Sydney, heading for the hottest October day ever.

You may be lucky enough to work in an office where the aircon is actually effective, but if you don’t, here’s some handy tips to follow which we mined from Reddit users to help keep you cool today.

Most of them can be applied quickly. Some are brilliant hacks for home if you can’t afford an airconditioner, or the power bills they generate.

Note – an employer who’ll give you a bit of latitude will be a great start.

Also, we take no responsibility for the effectiveness of these solutions. Especially the one with moss in it.

1. Ice-soap.

Reddit’s greatest gift to humanity. Basically, it’s frozen bath gel on one side, ice on the other. After a sweaty match/workout, simply wash with one side, rinse with the other.
Here’s how to make ice-soap.

2. If you have windows and two fans, make some negative pressure in your room.

“Only open two or three windows, and place one fan blowing OUTSIDE and then the fan in your room blowing INSIDE. This will cool your house crazy amounts in just an hour or two.”

From Reddit user shiccy

Picture: Getty Images

3. Cheap window insulation.

“Completely cover inside of window glass with aluminum foil.”

From Reddit user beachgood-coldsux

HINT: Best done by simply spraying the window with water, then smoothing the alfoil over it.

ADDENDUM: You could also use those silver accordion car windscreen shades, which is much neater. On the downside, you’ll liquefy as soon as you get in your car after work. And your office/house looks like a meth lab.

4. Don’t go all crazy on opening windows.

“Close all windows that are in the sun (possibly close the curtains as well) and open all windows on the other side of the house.”

From Reddit user TheExiled123

5. Instant swamp cooler

Get a towel soaking wet and hang it over a chair in front of a box fan.

Picture: Twitter/_BMF12

6. Moss house

“Go out and get some moss. Stick it in a blender with cocoa butter, and paint the goop over your sun baked wall. Moss will grow like crazy, insulating the wall. May or may not look funky on your house.”

From Reddit user Fliff

Kate Moss’s house. See what we did there? Picture: Getty Images

7. Make your own air conditioner.

These hacks work off a 12V battery or a small portable solar panel.

8. Here’s a simpler, all-indoors version.

“Get a bucket of water, a long piece of copper tubing, and a fish tank pump…… tape the copper tubing in a spiral pattern over the fan, pump the water from the bucket, through the tube, back to the bucket. DIY air conditioner… add ice to bucket to supercharge it.”

From Reddit user Tavisk

Picture: Twitter/ZakkGraham02

9. Keep a cup or bottle of water handy, but not to drink.

“Cool water on your wrists and neck. Pulse points help move heat better.”

10. Cool the blood going into the heart.

“Submerse your entire left forearm into a cold ice bath.
The blood in your left arm gets pumped around through your heart and core cooling you down the fastest.”

From Reddit user Fliff Nyxll

11. Alcohol is the answer.

“Here’s the pro solution: douse the body in high-proof alcohol. It absorbs a lot of body heat quickly while preserving your bodily fluids. THEN apply external heat to force evaporation at a higher rate. The results may surprise you.”

From Reddit user purplesoap

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