11 Bizarre Fashion And Beauty Trends From Around The World

mexican pointy boots

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you just don’t get the Oliver Twist-esque street urchin look that defines hipster fashion, or the weird, two-tone hair (it’s called ombre!) that so many celebrities have, you’ll be downright mystified by these trends from around the globe.

Shippo, The Brain-Controlled Tail

All humans have tails. At least we do early on, about 3 to 4 weeks into our embryonic development.

But they evolve no further than that … until now. Japanese company Neurowear has recently unveiled the body-controlled Shippo (translation: tail). This fuzzy little backside duster tells the world if you're happy or sad, bored or frisky. It does this via an EEG headset and a clip-on heart monitor that are wired to the fluffy appendage.

Shippo also features geotagging and smart phone sharing capability, which allows devotees to find each other and engage in mutual tail wagging.

Bagel-Shaped Forehead Injections

Yaeba Teeth


Walk along the beach in China's coastal city of Qingdao, and you might think you're in the middle of a Mexican wrestlers' convention.

But its just the locals wearing face-kinis--colourful protective masks that cover all but the nose, mouth and eyes. The reason? They're trying to maintain their fair complexions. Apparently, in metro areas of China, having a tan gives one the undesirable look of a peasant farmer.

Pollution Masks

Another facial accessory from China. These masks started off with a more practical application, which is keeping the toxic fumes of polluted cities out of one's lungs. But now they've also become mini-fashion statements, with designs from polka dots to patterns by Louis Vuitton.

Extraocular Implants

If the eyes are the windows of the souls, then consider these implants as window dressing.

They are tiny pieces of metallic jewelry--hearts, stars, Euro signs--inserted beneath the cornea. The trend started in the Netherlands about 10 years ago, and that's still the only place where it's legal for ophthalmologists to perform the procedure.

Mexican Pointy Boots

Ear Pointing

Bird Poop Facials

Proof that the trend towards all things organic can be taken too far?

This technique was borrowed from geishas, who once used nightingale droppings as a natural exfoliant. Today, fancy salons from Tokyo to Hollywood combine the powdered bird poop with rice bran and ultraviolet light to sanitize the skin. Price? $180.

Mind-Controlled Cat Ears

Nose Waxing

This salon trend has been growing in popularity over the past few years. So much so that there's now a home version, called Nad's Nose Wax. Just apply hot wax to applicator and put it up your nose, wait 90 seconds, then yank the applicator from nose. Ouch? You bet.

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