11 Amazing European Offices Americans Can Only Dream Of

lego office

Life in Europe is fantastic — great food, low stress, less driving, more biking, and so forth.

It’s not just in leisure, but in the workplace too.

There are multiple companies in Europe with amazing offices. Some of them are American, but plenty of great European brands have workplaces that reflect their unique status.

And most Americans can only dream they’d work there.

We thought we’d show you a few that caught our eye.

LEGO just might be THE most iconic European brand. And their Denmark HQ lives up to it

Even meetings sound like fun at LEGO

What would cool offices be without Google? Google Paris is inside an old Paris building, which gives it a unique vibe

Here's the Google game room

Top French e-commerce site PriceMinister has its headquarters in an old blimp factory (!) in Paris

Yes, that's grass

We were only able to find one picture of $3bn Vente Privée, whose rumoured-to-be-incredible offices are off-limits to outsiders

This crazy-looking building is the Steckelhorn Complex in Hamburg

Here's what it looks like inside

Google Zurich has this amazing slide

This is where you have meetings

White Mountain in Sweden is home to a Swedish ISP that could easily double as a fortress

Actually, we might get creeped out by too many meetings in rooms like that

GSL Law in Moscow (almost) makes your writer regret going into journalism after law schooll

Nice offices (the colours represent departments)

Yes, that's a real bear skin. Awesome

MindLab is a Danish government department (!!) that works on innovation for the public sector

Yeah, not gonna happen in France -- OR the US

BMW's plant/office in Leipzig was designed by acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid

Here's what it looks like inside

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