$100k Falls Off An armoured Car, Pedestrians Go Nuts And Stuff Their Pockets


A Garda-owned armoured car was transporting money yesterday in Columbus, Ohio when $100,000 magically fell out of it and into the street.

As you can imagine, citizens and passers by rushed to save the money from being hit by a car and graciously stuffed their pockets full of greenbacks before scattering. From The Columbus Dispatch (via @zerobeta):

Whitehall Sgt. Dan Kelso said a Garda armoured car was eastbound on E. Broad Street at 8:20 a.m. yesterday when a bag of cash fell from the back into the intersection at Hamilton Road.

“It hit the ground and split open, and there was money all over the place,” Kelso said. A unsecured door might have come open; police are investigating.

Drivers stopped their cars right in the road and jumped out to stuff their pockets with cash, snarling traffic in the area, police said. The armoured-car driver didn’t realise what had happened and kept going.

Lucky for Garda, a bunch of citizens have returned some of the money, althought whether all of it will be returned remains to be seen.

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