CHART: 100 Years Of Birth Statistics

According to the Pew Research centre, starting in January of last year and for 19 years thereafter, every day about 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65. Tomorrow I make that transition. To celebrate, my wife and I are in Washington DC on a relaxed schedule of museum visits, walking tours, and some cuisine (still to be determined) that we don’t readily find in the Carolinas.

The updates I would normally post today in a timely manner, e.g., Michigan Consumer Sentiment, ECRI Weekly Leading Index, will be delayed until late tonight or over the weekend. For the sake of continuity, I won’t skip them, but some personal time with my wife of 40 years (come August) is getting top priority over the next 48 hours or so.

For you youngsters with no clue about turning 65, let me assure you: you’ll be reminded of it each and every day for at least six months before the event. How so? Your mail box will be stuffed with a staggering variety of Medicare supplemental insurance ads, some masquerading as letters from the government (with a small-print “This is an Advertisement” disclaimer), and of course there will be a handful of authentic letters from Uncle Sam.

In case you’re wondering if I have retirement plans, the answer is “yes”. I’ll be retiring as soon as I lose interest in the economy and markets or senility erodes my ability to use Excel. But until then, the occasional brief vacation excepted, it’s business as usual.

And speaking of Excel, I’ll close with one of my favourite charts from earlier this year. Note that spike in 1947. A very tiny me is somewhere in that dot.


Photo: Doug Short

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