100 people spent their lunch break searching for Easter Eggs with their smartphones

As a fun, spontaneous last-minute promotional effort for its location-tracking device, startup Tile hosted an Easter Egg hunt in San Francisco’s financial district, where around 100 people tracked the eggs with their smartphones across a few city blocks.

“We were hoping to have fun with the community,” Tile VP of Marketing Brian Katzman said.

The prize for finding an egg was four of Tile’s stuff-finding location beacons, which are useful for finding lost things in your house like keys, wallets, or whatever else. The grand prize was a golden Tile, which could be redeemed for $US1,000 cash.

The kickoff was at San Francisco’s Ferry Building, where the masses waited for the event to officially begin.

At least one participant showed up in their pajamas:

Participants saw a rough location of the eight Easter Eggs on the Tile app:

And off they went, racing through the streets:

People checked everywhere, as you can see with this guy who decided to rummage through some shrubbery:

And I mean everywhere:

But there could only be eight winners, including this lucky guy who won the grand prize of $US1,000 by uncovering the golden Tile:

Matt Weinberger

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