100 Incredible Views Out Of aeroplane Windows

aeroplane view

Photo: BuzzFeed

Inspired by Andrew Sullivan’s recent post on views outside aeroplane windows at The Atlantic, our friends at BuzzFeed (don’t miss their new homepage layout!) have put together this massive collection of incredible aeroplane window views from Flickr.They’re enough to make you leave your window shade up on your next transatlantic flight.

Dahan-e Darreh Chasht, Afghanistan

Curonian Split (shared between Lithuania and Russia)

The Bavarian Countryside, Germany

Mount Everest and Makalu, Nepal

Cargill Salt Ponds in San Francisco Bay

St. Elias Icefields, Greenland

San Luis Obsipo County, California

San Francisco Bay, California

2006 fuel depot explosion in London, England

Now, check out some cool photos closer to the ground

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