The 100 Best Tech People On Twitter

Whether you use it to find breaking news stories or just to chat with friends, you can’t deny the power of Twitter.

We’ve come up with a list of 100 of the best people in tech who you should be following on Twitter. Some are journalists, others are venture capitalists, and some work in app development or have their own startups.


Nitasha Tiku

Occupation: Editor, Valleywag

Handle: @nitashatiku

Why: Nitasha Tiku is Valleywag's new editor, as Sam Biddle steps down to become a writer at Gawker. She tweets a lot about tech, and her takes on Silicon Valley news are always entertaining.

Marc Andreessen

Occupation: Venture Capitalist

Handle: @pmarca

Why: Influential investor who took 'Tweetstorming' to another level. A Tweetstorm is 10 or more tweets in a row. It's an acquired taste, but it's pretty great.

Megan Quinn

Occupation: Partner, Kleiner Perkins

Handle: @msquinn

Why: She's an investor at Kleiner Perkins now, and she's had experience working at tech companies like Square and Google. She tweets a lot about startups.

Brooke Hammerling

Occuaption: Founder, Brew PR

Handle: @brooke

Why: Tech public relations folks and journalists have a love-hate relationship. Brooke, who runs Brew PR, knows more about tech than most people, and she won't bombard your DMs, inbox, and replies with pitches, either.

John Legere

Occupation: CEO, T-Mobile

Handle: @john_legere

Why: Legere is outspoken on Twitter, calling out rival companies, promoting T-Mobile, and even posting the occasional tweetstorm.

Kara Swisher

Occupation: Co-Executive Editor and Co-Founder, Re/code

Handle: @karaswisher

Why: Kara breaks a lot of huge tech stories, so if you follow her, you'll be among the first to know when a CEO steps down or a company gets acquired.

Alexia Tsotsis

Occupation: Co-Editor, TechCrunch

Handle: @alexia

Why: Following Alexia is like getting a curated list of the best TechCrunch stories tweeted out regularly.

Mark Gurman

Occupation: Senior Editor, 9to5Mac

Handle: @markgurman

Why: If you're looking for breaking news, scoops, leaks, and more news about Apple, look no further than Mark Gurman, a college student who's probably the best Apple reporter around.

Tristan Walker

Occupation: Founder and CEO of Walker & Company brands

Handle: @tristanwalker

Why: Tristan, an early Foursquare employee, is still relatively new to the venture space. He tweets a lot of inspirational stuff about business and tech in Silicon Valley, and he's got a super positive attitude.

Jack Dorsey

Occupation: CEO, Square; Twitter co-founder

Handle: @jack

Why: Lots of tweets about everything from tech to social justice and current events. Oh, and he helped create Twitter.

Emily Chang

Occupation: Host, Bloomberg West

Handle: @emilychangtv

Why: She hosts the tech show Bloomberg West. She talks to the biggest names in tech, so make sure you're tuned in.

Benedict Evans

Occupation: Analyst, Andreessen Horowitz

Handle: @BenedictEvans

Why: If you're looking for solid insight about and analysis of the mobile industry, look no further than Benedict Evans.

Jenna Wortham

Occupation: Tech reporter and columnist, New York Times

Handle: @jennydeluxe

Why: Her stories always provide new perspectives other people simply aren't writing about. She tweets out tech news with a twist.

Elon Musk

Occupation: CEO, Tesla

Handle: @elonmusk

Why: He occasionally posts cheeky tweets that get people talking.

Joanna Stern

Occupation: Columnist, Wall Street Journal

Handle: @joannastern

Why: She's always tweeting out a good mix of the day's top stories in tech.

Ben Horowitz

Occupation: Co-founder and general partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Handle: @bhorowitz

Why: He's the co-founder of one of the most influential venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. He also has an affinity for hip-hop, and occasionally tweets about it.

Dan Primack

Occupation: Reporter, FORTUNE

Handle: @danprimack

Why: Dan breaks the news on Twitter, and then breaks it down so you can understand it.

Shira Ovide

Occupation: Wall Street Journal technology reporter

Handle: @ShiraOvide

Why: She really gets markets, finance, and tech, and where all those things intersect.

Peter Kafka

Occupation: Senior editor, Re/code

Handle: @pkafka

Why: Good to follow him for tweets about tech and media, as well as his own stories.

Dick Costolo

Occupation: Twitter CEO

Handle: @dickc

Why: He runs Twitter!

Dina Bass

Occupation: Microsoft reporter, Bloomberg

Handle: @dinabass

Why: Follow along for great Microsoft coverage -- and tweets about Liverpool FC.

Tim Cook

Occupation: Apple CEO

Handle: @tim_cook

Why: If we're being honest, he's not a great Tweeter. He's new to the platform, and only tweets out small things from time to time. But, he runs the most valuable company in the world, so you might want to follow just to be safe.

Evelyn Rusli

Occupation: Reporter, Wall Street Journal

Handle: @EvelynRusli

Why: Evelyn writes about startups, so follow along accordingly.

Sammy the Walrus IV

Occupation: Apple expert

Handle: @SammyWalrusIV

Why: He provides great insights on Apple. While he's generally bullish on the company, he's not a disillusioned Apple fanboy.

Aaron Pressman

Occupation: Yahoo Finance tech reporter

Handle: @ampressman

Why: He's always adding something of value to the daily debate about the biggest stories in tech.

Mike Isaac

Occupation: Reporter, New York Times

Handle: @mikeisaac

Why: His Twitter feed is a mix of tech news, analysis, and amusing tweets. He's big on faving tweets, too.

Eric Hippeau

Occupation: Venture Capitalist, Lerer Ventures

Handle: @erichippeau

Why: His opinions on digital media matter.

Arianna Huffington

Occupation: President and Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post Media Group

Handle: @ariannahuff

Why: Arianna Huffington is digital media royalty.

David Tisch

Occupation: Investor, Box Group; Founder, Spring; Co-Founder, TechStars NYC

Handle: @davetisch

Why: His tweets will catch you up on what's happening in early-stage startups.

Jason Del Rey

Occupation: Senior editor, Re/code

Handle: @DelRey

Why: He writes about e-commerce with a focus on Amazon. Follow for the scoopage.

Josh Topolsky

Occupation: Editor, Bloomberg Digital

Handle: @joshuatopolsky

Why: Josh left The Verge, where he was editor-in-chief, for head up Bloomberg Digital earlier this year. You'll get a good mix of the day's news with lots of tech thrown in the mix.

Selena Larson

Occupation: Writer, ReadWrite

Handle: @selenalarson

Why: Selena Larson's writing focuses largely on the intersection between tech and gender issues, and her Twitter account is a reflection of that.

Xeni Jardin

Occupation: Founding partner and co-editor of Boing Boing; founding board member of Freedom of the Press Foundation

Handle: @xeni

Why: Lots of news, thoughtful commentary, and inspiring tweets.

Nilay Patel

Occupation: Editor-In-Chief, The Verge

Handle: @reckless

Why: Expect lots of tweets with links to the best stories from The Verge every day.

Kashmir Hill

Occupation: Senior Online Editor, Forbes

Handle: @kashhill

Why: Solid mix of tech news-related tweets.

Sara Chipps

Occupation: CEO, Jewliebots; Founder, Girl Develop It

Handle: @SaraJChipps

Why: She tweets about everything from coding and UI to social issues to tech news. She's hilarious too.

Renee DiResta

Occupation: Principal, O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures

Handle: @noUpside

Why: She gets the venture side of tech.

Ruzwana Bashir

Occupation: CEO and founder of Peek, a travel startup that lets you find the best places to eat and things to do while you're travelling.

Handle: @ruzwana

Why: Good tweets about tech and social issues. Marc Andreessen thinks you should follow her too.

Lora Kolodny

Occupation: Reporter, Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones VentureWire

Handle: @lorakolodny

Why: She writes about tech and venture capital, and her tweets are a good mix of tech and other news.

Jeff Weiner

Occupation: CEO, LinkedIn

Handle: @jeffweiner

Why: Jeff Weiner tweets out stories and analysis from the tech sector, and a bunch of LinkedIn blog posts you'll actually want to read.

Courtney Boyd Myers

Occupation: Founder of; tech reporter

Handle: @CBM

Why: She's an entrepreneur and a journalist. Lots of valuable tweets about tech and entrepreneurship.

Bill Gurley

Occupation: Partner, Benchmark Capital

Handle: @billgurley

Why: Bill Gurley is an investor at VC firm Benchmark Capital, so you'll want to read his insights.

Jordan Cooper

Occupation: Partner, Lerer Ventures; CEO, Wildcard

Handle: @jordancooper

Why: He understands venture capital and tweets about it.

Reshma Saujani

Reshma Saujani with one of her Girls Who Code students.

Occupation: Founder/CEO of Girls Who Code. She was also the Deputy Public Advocate at the Office of the New York City Public Advocate.

Handle: @reshmasaujani

Why: Huge advocate for gender equality and getting women into tech and coding.

Helen Greiner

Occupation: CEO, CyPhy Works; Co-Founder, iRobot

Handle: @helengreiner

Why: She knows way more about robotics than you.

Ed Bott

Occupation: Reporter/writer

Handle: @edbott

Why: He's one of the top columnists writing about Microsoft.

Christopher Mims

Occupation: WSJ Tech columnist, Wall Street Journal

Handle: @mims

Why: He'll tweet smart analysis and good stories.

Marques Brownlee

Occupation: Web video producer,

Handle: @MKBHD

Why: At 20 years old, he's already one of the best people covering tech -- his expertise lies in gadgets and computer hardware and software. He's big on YouTube, too.

Ina Fried

Occupation: Senior editor at Re/code

Handle: @inafried

Why: She scoops and reports on everything related to mobile.

Sam Biddle

Occupation: Writer, Gawker

Handle: @samfbiddle

Why: The former editor of Valleywag is delightfully brutal on Twitter.

Megan Garber

Occupation: Writer, The Atlantic

Handle: @megangarber

Why: Her Twitter is a collection of tweets that reflect the kinds of tech and internet culture stories she writes for The Atlantic.

Casey Newton

Occupation: Senior reporter, The Verge

Handle: @CaseyNewton

Why: He tweets tech stories constantly, and he's had his own scoops, too. Follow him for those!

Nick Bilton

Occupation: Columnist, New York Times

Handle: @nickbilton

Why: Valuable insight on everything tech and business related.

Douglas MacMillan

Occupation: Reporter at the Wall Street Journal

Handle: @dmac1

Why: A great reporter, who breaks plenty of news.

Alexis Madrigal

Occupation: Silicon Valley bureau chief, Fusion

Handle: @alexismadrigal

Why: Lots of links to thought-provoking tech stories. You won't be bored.

Dan Frommer

Occupation: Editor, Quartz; Founder, CityNotes

Handle: @fromedome

Why: Don't be a doofus, follow Frommer.

Sophia Amoruso

Occupation: Sophia Amoruso is the Founder and CEO, Nasty Gal

Handle: @Sophia_Amoruso

Why: She's not a regular boss, she's a cool boss (and her tweets about life and her growing business are super entertaining).

Casey Johnston

Occupation: Editor, Ars Technica

Handle: @caseyjohnston

Why: Her tweets about tech -- and other musings -- are hilarious.

Mat Honan

Occupation: Writer, Wired

Handle: @mat

Why: He's an awesome tech writer, and his tweets are hilarious.

Rupert Murdoch

Occupation: CEO, News Corp

Handle: @rupertmurdoch

Why: It's not often you see the 83-year-old CEO of a massive media company crafting his own tweets.

Leigh Alexander

Occupation: Journalist

Handle: @leighalexander

Why: She writes about video games and tech culture poignantly, and her Twitter feed is a reflection of that.

Baratunde Thurston

Occupation: CEO and Co-Founder, Cultivated Wit

Handle: @baratunde

Why: The former Onion writer puts a twist on tech and startups on his Twitter feed.

Tony Romm

Occupation: Reporter, Politico

Handle: @TonyRomm

Why: Great perspective on the intersection of tech and politics.

Chris Dixon

Occupation: General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Handle: @cdixon

Why: Care about venture capital? Probably a good idea to follow a guy who's invested in companies like BUzzFeed, Oculus, and Soylent.

Meredith Perry

Meredith Perry, founder of uBeam.

Occupation: Founder and CEO of uBeam

Handle: @meredithperry

Why: She's super smart, and she tweets about tech news and her wireless charging company, uBeam.

MG Siegler

Occupation: General partner, Google Ventures; columnist, TechCrunch

Handle: @mgsiegler

Why: He has great insights about early-stage startups.

Quentin Hardy

Occupation: Deputy tech editor, The New York Times

Handle: @qhardy

Why: Hardy is a weirdo in a good way. His account is well worth the follow. He understands both consumer and enterprise tech.

Gabe Rivera

Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera

Occupation: Founder, Techmeme

Handle: @gaberivera

Why: He runs Techmeme.

Paul Haddad

Occupation: Lead dewveloper, Tapbot, the maker of Tweetbot

Handle: @tapbot_paul

Why: Follow along for his insight into app development.

Walt Mossberg

Occupation: Co-Executive Editor, reviewer and columnist, Re/code

Handle: @waltmossberg

Why: He tweets out the best stories from Re/code.

Ryan Hoover

Occupation: Founder, Product Hunt

Handle: @rrhoover

Why: You'll know about the buzziest startups before anyone else if you follow Ryan.

Caitlin Dewey

Occupation: Columnist, Washington Post

Handle: @caitlindewey

Why: Her takes on internet culture are not to be missed.

Martin Bryant

Occupation: Editor-In-Chief, The Next Web

Handle: @MartinSFP

Why: Get some perspective on tech from across the pond.

Stacey Higginbotham

Occupation: Reporter, GigaOM

Handle: @gigastacey

Why: She tweets about everything from the FCC to the Internet of Things.

Robinson Meyer

Occupation: Associate Editor, The Atlantic

Handle: @yayitsrob

Why: He's an articulate writer, and he's got an eccentric and funny Twitter presence.

Christina Bonnington

Occupation: Staff writer, Wired

Handle: @redgirlsays

Why: Good tweets about everything from cycling to the number of women who code.

Fred Wilson

Occupation: Co-founder, Union Square Ventures

Handle: @fredwilson

Why: He's arguably one of the most important people in tech.

Mary Jo Foley

Occupation: Tech reporter, ZDNet

Handle: @maryjofoley

Why: She'll school you in all things Microsoft.

Brad Feld

Occupation: VC, Foundry Group

Handle: @bfeld

Why: He'll give you his take on startups from Boulder, Colorado.

Seth Weintraub

Occupation: Founder/editor, 9to5Mac, 9to5Google, 9to5Toys

Handle: @llsethj

Why: Get firsthand reports about Google and Apple.

Amber Gordon

Occupation: Creative strategist, Tumblr; Founder, Femsplain

Handle: @missambear

Why: She's the creative force behind Denny's social media accounts, and she just launched a new website for women. More than almost anyone else, she gets the internet -- and Twitter, specifically.

Alex Wilhelm

Occupation: Writer, TechCrunch

Handle: @alex

Why: He's a fun person to follow, tweeting out thought-provoking stories and asking questions to his 37,000+ followers.

Horace Dediu

Occupation: Founder and author, Asymco

Handle: @asymco

Why: Great charts and analysis of mobile trends and tech news.

Katie Notopoulos

Occupation: Editor, Buzzfeed

Handle: @katienotopoulos

Why: If you're not already following her, you must have missed her #UnfollowAMan movement.

John Borthwick

Occupation: CEO, Betaworks

Handle: @Borthwick

Why: If you care about Silicon Alley news, follow this guy.

John Doerr

John Doerr

Occupation: Venture Capitalist, Kleiner Perkins

Handle: @johndoerr

Why: He's one of the most important VCs in tech.

BONUS: Ben Thompson

Occupation: Author of Stratechery

Handle: @monkbent

Why: He's one of the smartest people on the tech industry.


Occupation: Founder and Chief Analyst at Jack Daw Research

Handle: @jandawson

Why: He's an up and coming analyst. He's real smart, and is about to be real famous. You can say you followed him when...

Now that you know who to follow on Twitter, check out who's who is NYC tech.

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