Bond God Jeff Gundlach Made A Big Call On The 10-Year On Wednesday, And It Came Wrong By The End Of The Week

Earlier this week, bond god Jeff Gundlach made a big call on the 10-year.

From Barron’s, here’s what Gundlach said on CNBC:

It seems that everything gets indigestion when bond yields get above 2.20. If bond yields fall, I think its initially positive for stocks…. If you from 2 to 2.50, bond investors can lose 4%, but you lose less if you shorten your duration…. I really do not think you’re going to see 2.50 on the 10-year any time in 2013…. I don’t think we’re going to see bond yields return to 1.38% again.

Welp, that did not turn out correct.

This is a rare miss from an investor whose track record continues to be superb.

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