The 10 Worst Jobs In The World

oil rig

Photo: US Coast Guard

If you think your nine to five is bad, just be thankful it’s not in one of these professions. And if it is, quit. released its 2011 Jobs Rated Report which ranked 200 jobs from best to worst based on several based their rankings on work environment, income, outlook (growth potential and unemployment data), physical demands, and stress.

Most of the worst jobs are very physically demanding, are often dangerous, and some are slowly replacing humans with technology.

The best job for 2011 has none of those characteristics. Software Engineer took the top spot as a job with low stress, safe work environment, high hiring outlook, and an average $87,140 per year salary.

#10 Construction Worker--$29,211

A job as a construction worker is extremely physically demanding and often involves long hours working outdoors in inclement weather.

#9 Meter Reader--$34,171

The need for meter readers may soon become obsolete. There is a new Automatic Meter Reader system which allows meters to be monitored from a central location.

#8 Painter--$34,152

A painter's job is physically demanding and painters often need to be on high ladders or roofs, making the job dangerous.

#7 Welder--$35,126

Welders are exposed to high intensity heat while welding metals together and the hiring outlook is grim. Automated welding is becoming more and more common.

#6 Emergency Medical Technician--$30,168

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) rank high on the stress level scale. EMTs are put in stressful situations, responding to 911 calls for emergencies like heart attacks and gun shot wounds.

#5 Taxi Driver--$21,127

While there is always a need for taxi drivers, their working environment isn't the greatest. Taxi drivers may have to work overnight shifts, long hours, and drive in inclement weather.

#4 Roofer--$34,168

Roofers' jobs are physically demanding and very dangerous. Availability of work varies in different climates. In northern states, most roofing jobs are performed during the summer because of harsh winter weather. Therefore, there is less of a need for roofers in the winter months.

#3 Lumberjack--$32,109

Lumberjacks have a physically demanding job and the hiring outlook is low due to machines that can perform the job quicker, and easier.

#2 Ironworker--$34,127

Ironworkers' jobs are often performed at high heights, making the job stressful, dangerous, and physically demanding.

#1 Roustabout--$32,143

Roustabouts work on oil rigs, a very dangerous and physically demanding job. There is also a low hiring outlook for roustabouts.

But we all know running your own show is the best job

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