10 Websites That Help With Calendars

In today’s world, time flies fast and months keep passing by. Fortunately, the web offers plenty of calendar resources to help keep us organised in a variety of ways. By utilising various calendar resources you can better take advantage of your days and view archives to help jog your memory of good times that you’ve had.

You’ll find that spending more time being aware of dates can actually help make time not seem as if it is flying by so fast.

1) Google Calendar
Google Calendar makes it easy for your family and friends to see your calendar and at the same time, you can view the calendars of others whom have opted in to share their calendar with you.

2) VP Calendar
Review holiday determination methods to see how holidays get their respective dates each year.  Also, see past and present calendars allowing you to see which specific day of the week a given day has been on, or will be on, in the future. *

3)  Interfaith Calendar
InterfaithCalendar.org provides calendar and date information for a variety of religious faiths.  For instance, you can find insights, definitions, dates, and information regarding the Jewish Calendar or Hindu Calendar.

4) Time Zone Check
TimeZoneCheck.com displays an extremely easy to use world map showing the current time in major cities across the world.  This is a great tool to use while travelling to quickly see what time it currently is back home. *

5) Calendars That Work
Printable Calendars offer a great way to instantly create a calendar for your home or office.  Calendars That Work lets you create and print calendars for any specific date period that you choose.

6) Famous Birthdays
For any specific date, FamousBirthdays.com will show you famous world figures and celebrities that were born on that specific day.  You will find that it can be fun to learn about which famous people share the same birthday as you.  *

7) Time And Date
TimeAndDate.com offers a handful of calendar and time resources including Due Date Calculators, Sun and Moon Calculators, along with helpful information about Daylight Savings Time.

8) Calendar Labs

A great resource to print up holiday calendars for different regions of the world.  For instance, you can quickly review and print up the Australian calendar for 2011 which will highlight the holidays that Australia celebrates.  You will also find school calendars, religious calendars, and astrology calendars.

9) This Day In History 
History.com has an outstanding tool showing you what happened on a specific day in history. It goes into great detail explaining an important event that shaped our world which helps to explain what makes today a significant date.

10) Time Management
The best way to save time is to take advantage of the time we already have.  TimeManagement.com has techniques, strategies, and information for individuals, students, and managers to help them become more efficient and effective on a day to day basis.

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