10 ways to update your office to motivate your employees

Love where you work. Photo supplied by Officeworks.

Coming to work every day to an inviting, engaging environment will not only make you a happy employee but it can also boost your enthusiasm and productivity.

According to interior design expert Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict, who recently partnered with Officeworks, there’s an array of different studies which show our surroundings have an impact on our mood.

“For example, looking at the colour red is stimulating and has been shown to raise the heart rate,” she says.

“Conversely blue is known to lower blood pressure and ease stress. If you’re feeling flat, trial a few techniques to discover what inspires your best work.”

Bishop told Business Insider that many employers worry that a decorative office appears unprofessional, or that it will be distracting for employees and thus go for the stock-standard, cookie cutter designs and colours.

But she says creating a space that plays to employee’s passion points can be very motivating and often give great business results.

“These can be translated through colour and patterns or inspiration boards that feature business targets and the potential rewards and recognition for meeting them,” Bishop says.

“We all know how good we feel after renovating our own homes or getting a room in our house just right – the same feeling can apply to workplaces too.”

To help spruce up your office vibe, here are Bishops’s 10 tips for creating a workspace that will get the most out of your employees.

Change your mindset.

Forget the idea that a professional workspace must look corporate and sensible. Awaken your creativity by creating a stylish, personalised space which takes its cues from the places and spaces that inspire you.

2. What does colour say about you?

Choose a colour scheme for your workspace that balances your mood and energy. Vibrant colours are known to invigorate and inspire, whereas pastels tend to be calming and encourage concentration. If you’re a minimalist, opt for monochrome.

3. Layer the colour palette.

It really comes down to the rule of three; pick two contrasting colours and one base neutral such as white, black and blonde timber, or white, aqua and pink.

Only use small touches of the most prominent colour. For example, pair your white desk and chair with aqua and hot pink accessories – it will make the hot pink “pop” without being overbearing.

4. Make an inspiration board.

Every office needs an inspiration board as it helps to align the focus of the entire team, whether that’s two or two hundred members. This could be a collection of inspirational images and motivational quotes, but also needs to help visualise what success looks like. Rip pages from magazines, print your own photographs, draw your own typography or decorate it with paint and art pens–this can be a fun team building exercise.

5. Add some texture.

Winter is the perfect time to add some warmth to your workspace and what better way to do this than to layer unexpected materials. Textures like linen, leather and timber will give your office a warm and comfortable vibe during these cooler months.

6. Spruce up the tech.

Our increasing reliance on technology means that it comes with us wherever we go and is now another way to convey our personal style. If you’re contemporary and understated, tell that story with a soft leather tablet cover and a clear smartphone case, otherwise inject colour into your day with a bold laptop bag.

7. Create visual interest.

When you sit at your desk, what can you see either side of your screen? If the walls are blank consider hanging some artwork or a DIY photo calendar with your favourite happy snap.

Create levels by placing a small pot plant to one side of your desk and stack colour coordinated or contrasting books on the other. A feature lamp or rug can also add character to a space, so don’t underestimate the power of the floor you work on!

8. Add some life.

Greenery or flowers helps to create a fresh atmosphere in any space and can be particularly motivating in the workspace, which has a tendency of becoming stuffy and stale.

9. Mix it up.

Surprise and delight in the workspace can inject some much needed energy, particularly for creatives. This is achieved by steering clear of the predictable — swap the black ergonomic chair for a white alternative, or try a timber and metal desk rather than the standard gloss white. This can also be done on a much smaller scale by swapping your plain stationery with vibrant colours and patterns. That way, you’ll never feel bored of the space you’re in!

10. Don’t overdo it.

While it’s important to have an inspiring workspace that speaks to your personal style, it’s just as important not to overdo it and create something that’s too busy on the eye. Try applying the “Coco Chanel Decorating Mantra” where you style your workspace, then remove one thing. This might help with any unnecessary clutter!

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