10 Ways Science Can Make Women Sexier

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10 ways science can make women sexier:

  • emphasise that hourglass figure. Men’s brains are pretty much programmed to respond to it. Corsets were a big deal for a reason. Even blind men prefer that type of waist-to-hip ratio. Guys are naturally attracted to big boobs and hourglass figures because they are legitimate biological signals of female fertility.
  • Men are more likely to approach blondes. Dyeing your hair not only makes you feel younger it also makes people say you look younger — even when they can’t see your hair. Redheads are seen as dumber than blondes. Women with dyed hair or short hair are seen as extroverted. 
  • A feminine voice is a turn-on.
  • Pick the right bra. You knew this already but now it’s been scientifically validated; yes, men are more likely to hit on women with bigger breasts. (70% of women are unhappy with their breasts though 56% of men are happy with their partner’s breasts.)
  • Chin down.
  • As a general rule, smiling makes you more attractive. So smile. Want to improve your smile? Smile slower.
  • Ladies who don’t wear makeup: start wearing makeup.
  • Be social and agreeable. Sociable people are generally regarded as more attractive.
  • Want to reduce forehead wrinkles? Get regular back massages.
  • Wear the high heels. What’s their secret? They raise your rump. Unless of course you’re very tall and then you might want to wear flats.

Ladies, be careful with your power. Attractive women do make men dumber. Just thinking about women makes men dumber. Watching a TV show with an attractive female anchor makes men unable to remember the news.

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