10 Ways Microsoft Maintains Windows Dominance

Although Microsoft often comes under fire from critics who say the software giant delivers products that are rife with security issues, that hasn’t harmed the dominance of the company’s Windows platform. In fact, most would agree that Windows has such a dominant share in today’s PC market—nearly 89 per cent, according to Net Market Share—that the chance of Microsoft losing its position of power in software over the next several years is practically nil. But answering the question of how Microsoft has been able to maintain Windows’ dominance over the years isn’t so easy.

The reasons for Windows’ dominance are numerous and include solid developer support and its entrenched position in enterprises. In the following slides, readers will learn more about how Microsoft works hard to make sure that Windows, the keys to the Redmond Kingdom, is not toppled from the dominant position on the PC desktop that it has held for more than 20 years. A quick glance at Microsoft’s operation might cause some folks to think that Windows is dominant simply by virtue of its past success. But further inspection reveals that there is more to it than that.

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