10 Things All Men Should To Add To Their Wardrobes After College

°Florian/FlickrYou can’tFor some, graduation is only a few weeks away.

Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is unimportant — it’s inevitable.

For some guys that means it’s time to dress up and work for the man, and if you do have to dress up you should definitely do it right.

Here are 10 things you should look to have in your wardrobe if you’re heading out into the real world.

It may not be feasible to buy them all at once but in short order they can all be had.

Along with each item is a list of 3-5 places to acquire it, or at least a place to start your search. Most of the places are not as well known as the places you would find walking up and down 5th Avenue. However, they all provide a better value for your money.

A custom suit

The day will come for every man where he has to wear a suit. Remember, women view men in suits like guys view women in lingerie. So you may want to do this one right; go custom or made to measure.

Derek Tian of Black Lapel, a New York based made to measure suit brand, says 'Nothing says college like hoodies, vintage tees, ripped jeans and flip flops. And similarly, nothing says you're a grown man like a flawlessly fitting custom suit. It tells the world you've got sense and a sense of style. And most importantly, it tells the world (and your boss) that you've got an eye for the details. After all, attention to detail is without a doubt on that job description whether explicitly stated or implied.'

Suggestions: Black Lapel, Indochino, MyTailor, Martin Greenfield, Knot
Standard, SuitSupply

A navy blazer

You can dress one up or down and it can be worn just as easily in the summer as in the winter. Best to go custom on this but nearly every single brand out there has their version.

Suggestions: Black Lapel, Indochino, MyTailor, Martin Greenfield, Knot
Standard, SuitSupply

Custom shirts

For all the same reasons as a custom suit. Custom shirts become even more important if you do not wear a jacket because you shirt will be showing all day everyday. Remember, the two most important parts of a shirt are the collar and the shoulder fit. Start with the basics and build out from there.

Suggestions: CottonWork, Luxire, MyTailor, Alexander West, Cego

Two pairs of dress shoes

A solid bag.

Some guys will never have to port around their laptops or work papers. But for those who do there's a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Those synthetic bags your company will most likely give you are almost always an abomination. Look for something made of a natural material like leather or canvas.

In speaking with bag expert Grant Hewit of Hudson Sutler he noted that 'Backpacks don't exude a huge amount of maturity. As you upgrade your wardrobe for the workplace, your day to day gym bag should follow suit. A heavy weight canvas duffel is classic enough to fit right with the brief cases, and can stand up to the elements of a daily commute.'

Basic over the calf socks.

If you are wearing a suit or more formal trousers (pretty much anything made of wool) you should not wear mid calf socks. They fall down and bunch up around your ankles. It is not a clean look. Over the calf socks will stay up throughout the day.

Suggestions: Hudson Sutler, Blue Claw, Giles & Moore, Jack Spade, Lotuff

A proper overcoat

Great, you just dropped a solid grand on your Moncler jacket, good for you. Sucks that it doesn't go with a suit. Keep your outerwear professional, look for camelhair, cashmere and wool overcoats. A good one will last years if not decades and their warmth is nearly unparalleled.

Suggestions: Century21, Hugo Boss, Indochino, Suitsupply

A Quality pair of sunglasses

Leave the Frogskins and sport shades at home. You want some shades that speak to you being a businessman, or whatever it is you are…

Suggestions: Oliver Peoples, Garrett Leight, Warby Parker, Persol, American Optics

Dress belts (and suspenders too)

To go with each pair of shoes you will need at least one belt, but ideally two. Two belts in each colour of shoe, one with a brass buckle and one with a silver buckle.

Suggestions: Belts - Trafalgar, Paul Stuart, Lands End and suspenders -- Albert Thurston, The Fine Young Gentleman, Paul Stuart,Trafalgar

A pocket square

It is the simplest and most underrated men's accessory. A man is not full dressed until he dons a pocket square. A simple white linen or cotton one is never out of place.

Suggestions: Paul Stuart, Century21, J. Press, Kent Wang, A Suitable Wardrobe

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