10 Villains You'll Never See In a 'Batman' Reboot

Heath Ledger, The JokerThe Joker, inarguably Batman’s main rival, would not be part of Arkham Asylum’s laughing stock.

Photo: The Joker

Despite Christopher Nolan‘s Scarecrow, Joker, Two-Face and now Bane, the Dark Knight has faced some pretty useless villains over the years (The Sewer King). With impending summer blockbuster “The Dark Knight Rises” in theatres next week, we’ve been re-reading over the “Knightfall” comic series, from which the third and final Nolan film appears to draw some inspiration.

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While reading, we came across Film Freak (aka Burt Weston*), a fairly harmless villain with no real abilities at all. Rather, Weston,* an aspiring actor, commits textbook crimes according to movie plots. 

This had us thinking, when Nolan’s trilogy comes to an end this summer, not only will we need a new Bruce Wayne to take over the Bat’s mantle; however, we’ll also need a few new villains. 

Outside Bane, the Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and Ra’s Al Ghul are among the go-to bad guys used to incite fear into the Gotham streets.

What members of the Caped Crusader’s Rogue’s gallery could we see in a Batman remake? Before we begin speculating about that, we’ve taken a look at 10 more lesser known bad guys, who, we’re pretty sure its safe to say, won’t make the final cut of any future flick. 

*Weston’s name is a nod to actors Adam West and Burt Ward who respectively played Batman and Robin in the ’60s series, “Batman.”


Mr. ZZZ is a mobster who, as you've probably gathered, always appears to be asleep. ZZZ suffers from a rare case of narcolepsy which always has him half awake.

Where was he during the mob fights in 'The Dark Knight?' Probably out cold.

Crazy Quilt

Paul Dekker, (aka Crazy Quilt) is an ex-painter who leaves behind clues to his crimes in paintings.

What's with the name: Quilt was blinded by a gunshot wound. In order to restore his vision he underwent an experimental surgery which left him seeing a crazy array of bright colours. The name Crazy Quilt stuck.

Unlike some of the other villains on this list, Quilt has enhanced sight, can control minds and has photokinesis giving him the power to control light (with the aid of his helmet). Cool?

Fun fact: He was briefly mentioned in Batman: Arkham City as a joke suspect to have taken out Two-Face.

There is also more than one version of the villain, with the latest incarnation being female.


Floyd Ventris (aka Mirror-Man), a scientist, uses, you got it, mirrors in his crimes to blind and confuse others. His 15 minutes of fame came when he used an X-ray electronic mirror to discover Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne.

Kite Man

Formally known as Charles Brown, Kite Man uses kites and a bunch of kite-themed weapons in his robberies. Brown's fascination and unhealthy obsession with kites started young. He flies with the aid of a kite and is usually captured quite easily by Batman and Robin.

The Condiment King

Mitchell Mayo (The Condiment King) appeared in 'Batman: The Animated Series.' King uses food condiments including mustard and ketchup as his weapons (you could imagine how this turns out) and snarky condiment puns (we don't relish the thought).

The worst thing you can suffer from this 'King' is anaphylactic shock.

No one, not even the cops, really take him seriously. Batman can't even stand him.

Mr. Polka-Dot

Abner Krill (Polka-Dot Man aka Mr. Polka Dot) was a comic character who wore a loud polka-dot outfit and stuck to stealing spotted items.

His colourful outfit could become different devices such as a flying disc which helped him in combat.

Mr. Camera

Probably one of the most useless villains in the Batman universe, Mr. Camera had a giant flash photography camera for a head that produced Kodak pictures.

And, that's pretty much it.

Featured in the newer 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold' cartoon, the Dark Knight easily knocked out this foe with a punch to the head.

Calendar Man

Inventor Julian Day is known as Calendar Man because of his obsession to only commit elaborate crimes on holidays. This made it fairly easy to know when he would strike.

His cape wasn't so much a cape as much as a compilation of calendar pages. Calendar Man also changed up his costume depending on the holiday.

Superheroes and villains don't take him that seriously.

Penny Plunderer

Joe Coyne (Penny Plunderer) steals pennies and uses them as a weapon.

Fun Fact: A giant penny hangs as a souvenir in the batcave in 'Batman: The Animated Series.' This was used by Two-Face in the episode, 'Almost Got 'Im.'

Clock King

William Tockman, the Clock King, has no super powers; rather, he lives according to a strict sense of time sporting a mask, cape and suit donned with clocks.

Though he was originally pretty harmless, more recent incarnations have given him the ability to see a few seconds into the future and pit him as some sort of genius who creates time-related pieces such as a teleporter.

The Clock King was originally intended as a villain of Green Arrow.

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