10 Unusual Stocks Attracting Huge Interest This Morning


Photo: Lucie Debelkova

U.S. stock futures were up on Monday starting 2011 off with a bang. Asian stocks were also up with Seoul hitting a record high and European stocks moved higher on positive PMI data.

NEW PRODUCT: Shares of Google are in focus after a report saying it is putting together a digital newsstand

NEW MICROCHIPS: Intel is rolling out new microchips to make it safer for studios to stream movies over personal computers

RISE AND FALL: Tri-Valley shares fall after sharp rise

OVERWEIGHT RATING: Boeing is in focus after Barclays, JPMorgan gave it an overweight rating

SURGE: Raytheon rises on merger progress

MORTGAGE PUTBACK DEAL: Bank of America comes to terms with Fannie and Freddie easing mortgage putback worry

FACEBOOK DEAL: Goldman Sachs invests $450 million in Facebook

RECOMMENDATION: Alcoa climbed after Deutsche Bank recommended buying the shares

BUY RATING: General Motors higher on Goldman Sachs view

DELAY OF PAYMENTS: Borders Group rising after massive loss due to delay of payments to suppliers

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