10 Unusual Stocks Attracting Huge Interest This Morning


Photo: Lucie Debelkova

Good morning. Here are the 10 unusual stocks to watch this morning.

  • EARNINGS BEAT: Procter & Gamble reports core EPS of $1.13, beating estimates of $1.09. Check out the other most crowded and conventional investments of 2011 >
  • PROFIT DROP: Nokia’s profits fell 21% year-over-year, and the stock tanked in Helsinki trading.
  • AUSTERITY WORRIES: Caterpillar crushes earnings estimates but is concerned about future government austerity programs. Don’t miss 10 threats to global economic stability you need to pay attention to right now >
  • EARNINGS BEAT: Colgate reports earnings of $1.24 a share, beating the $1.23 estimate.
  • SUBSCRIBER BOOM: Netflix reports big subscriber boom, but disappointing earning in Q4. Check out why Whitney Tilson is short Netflix >
  • IPHONE BOOST: AT&T beats analyst estimates with EPS of $0.55, based on high demand for Apple’s iPhone. 
  • COMMODITY CONCERNS: Starbucks reports lower earnings expectations for future quarters based on rising commodity costs. Check out the commodities market outlook for 2011 >
  • EARNINGS BEAT: Eli Lilly beats earnings expectations by 1 cent, with Q4 profit rising 28%.
  • NEW PLAYSTATION: Sony announced new PlayStation app and platform that will run on Google’s Android.
  • WEAK SHIPMENTS: Motorola reports disappointing Android phone shipments, and Q1 earnings now expected lower than estimates.

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