10 Unusual Stocks Attracting Huge Interest This Morning


While the Shanghai Composite surged overnight, European markets are lower in today’s trading thus far. U.S. futures suggest a negative open, and there’s a bit of news hitting on New Year’s Eve.

AUSTRALIAN WEATHER: Heavy rains forcing miners like Rio Tinto to cancel contracts.

AUSTRALIAN WEATHER: BHP Billiton getting hammered by the storms too

POTENTIAL TAKEOVER: Anadarko may be bought out by BHP Billiton

INSIDER SELLING: The GAP co-founder sold large amount of shares in December

LAWSUIT: MBIA shares surged yesterday after lawsuits were withdrawn

POTENTIAL TAKEOVER: Sony may be about to bid $40 a share for IMAX

POTENTIAL TAKEOVER: Disney may also be preparing a bid for IMAX

RISE AND FALL: Qiao Xing falling after yesterday's rise

RISING: ARM Holdings up again after massive year

VOLUME SPIKE: BSquare sees volume spike all week

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